Who Let the Blocks Out?

screenshot The SH 2k1 was coding competition that started Friday, January 26th Noon and took place for three days. The goal was to "hack" together something that fit under the requirements. For more information about it, go to the Speedhack 2001 Website.

SH 2k1 Entry (230 KB) - This includes the source code and heavily compressed data file. A project workspace is included only for MSVC++ 6, but you shouldn't have any problems getting it to compile under different environments / OS's.

Windows Version (802 KB) - Everything needed to run this under Windows. (If all you want to do is play the game, then this is the only file you need!)

Windows Binaries (16 KB) - The Win32 executables without the datafile.

BeOS Binary (219 KB) - Binary for BeOS without the datafile.

Linux Binary (44 KB) - Binary for Linux without the datafile.

The Data File (496KB) - The original data file before it was cut down in size

Readme File - A Little More Info on the Game
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